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The HBAA Executive committee comprises both agent and venue members. It is made up of the Board of Directors, the venue chair, past and vice chairs and the chairs of sub committees; who may be either agent or venue members and a number of non-executive members; the number is determined by the board from time to time.

  • Chairman - Louise Goalen, Top Banana Venues
  • Vice Chair - Erica Livermore, Prestige Hotel Reservations Ltd
  • Past Chair - Leigh Cowlishaw, Capita Travel and Events
  • Treasurer - Chris Peacock, Conference Care
  • Consultant Executive Director - Juliet Price, HBAA
  • Venue Chair - Louisa Watson, Wyboston Lakes
  • Vice Venue Chair - Rachael Naylor, Kew Green Hotels
  • Past Venue Chair - Alison Makosz, Silverdoor Citybase
  • Events Chair - Rachael Naylor, Kew Green Hotels
  • Marketing Chair - Vacant
  • Membership Chair - Ellie Martin, Goodwood Hotel
  • Business Accommodation Chair  - Erica Livermore, Prestige Hotel Reservations Ltd
  • Tech & Innovation Chair - Caleb Parker, Select Event Solutions
  • Sponsorship Chair - Ellie Martin, Goodwood Hotel
  • International Chair - Jayson Hodgkinson, Venue Choice
  • Agency Engagement Chair - Julie Shorrock, HTS
  • Agent Sector representative - Alison Makosz, Silverdoor Citybase
  • Venue Sector representative - Chris Gaines
  • Each committee chair has a deputy
  • Agency Engagement Deputy - Vacant
  • Events Deputy - Lorna Massey, Mercure Manchester Piccadilly
  • International Projects Deputy - Vacant
  • Membership Deputy - Sian Sayward, Inntel
  • Marketing Deputy - Vacant
  • Business Travel Accommodation Deputy - Martin Klima, Silverdoor
  • Tech & Innovation Deputy - Adam Simpson
  • Sponsorship Deputy - Vacant

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