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Appraising, Coaching and Developing your People

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The ability to provide structured coaching and a meaningful appraisal are essential skills for any manager. Successful coaching not only drives up performance and develops individuals, but also builds higher levels of accountability within the team. Those who are most successful in providing coaching and development understand the different approaches and how to give developmental support that is both constructive and effective.

Workshop Content

Welcome and Introductions

  • Course Programme and Objectives

An Introduction to Performance Management

  • The background to performance management
  • The Role of the appraisal in the PM strategy

Assessing the Appraisee

  • Evaluating performance
  • The three types of data available to appraisers
  • How to structure an appraisal

Defining Training and Coaching

  • What exactly is the difference between Training and Coaching?
  • How does it differ from Feedback?
  • The Cycle of Learning
  • The opportunities for Learning

The Four Stages of the Coaching Process

  • The application of the mnemonic GROW® to the Coaching Process

The Interrogatory Question

  • How can I influence my Coachee?
  • What are interrogatory questions?
  • The stages of coaching using an interrogatory approach

Coaching Skills Practice

  • Delegates are broken into work Groups to undertake a coaching exercise
  • A Facilitator-led session, which asks delegates to bring all of their learning together from the Skills Practice

Summary, Workshop Evaluation and Close

Delegate Comments from other workshops facilitated by Michael

"Well presented, slides, group discussion and video" Randeep Roopra, Hotelshop UK

"Great interactive session, good discussion. Michael facilitated well and used a range of materials. Engaging" Emma Parker, Banks Sadler

"This course has been very useful & highlighted some good techniques that I can bring to my role. I enjoyed Michael's style of training & delivery of slides & video clips." Jo Hemesley, Lancaster London

From: 6/4/2017
To: 6/4/2017
9:00 am - 5:30 pm GMT

Venue Information:

United Kingdom

Type: Training Courses


Michael Heath
Michael Heath Consulting