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The HBAA is made up of the following committees:


Agency Engagement

Business Accommodation 






Technology & Innovation

Sub committees

The size and make-up of each committee is determined by its chair; normally they are equally balanced between agent and venue members.

Following the link on the Committees listed above will give you more information about what each committee does.

​Getting involved

As is the case in almost every organisation, the more you put into it the more you get out. Working on a committee enables you to engage with people representing both agent and venue members – increasing your understanding of your peers and engaging with those whom you have a commercial relationship on another level.
Whilst it does require a commitment of time, every effort is made to ensure that your commitment is one that can be accommodated in a busy working schedule – many hands share the work.
Anyone involved in HBAA committees will say that they find it interesting as well as both personally and commercially valuable. Please select 'Join a committee' in the dropdown of the contact us page if you would like to volunteer.

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