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Sponsorship Opportunities

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The HBAA has been a recognised voice to the hotel and venue industry for over 20 years.

To date HBAA membership welcomes over 300 organisations including 80 agency members and 200 venue members, who work collaboratively in the accommodation, meetings and events sector.

As part of our strategy we recognise that building relationships with key sponsors will benefit our members and the wider industry through working in partnership and maximising business opportunities, together.

Sponsorship opportunities and costs ( excluding VAT):-:

  • Headline for Annual Forum and Annual Dinner  £5000 per event
  • Exhibitor and Content Sponsorship for Annual Forum £750 and £500 respectively 
  • Annual HBAA Supplier Partner £6000 
  • Annual HBAA Supplier Associate  £1675 
  • Bespoke opportunities also available

HBAA Sponsorship Packages 2019 full details

Please contact Juliet Price, Consultant Executive Director to discuss further:

07769 858 237