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1.  What's the dress code?

Celebratory black tie!


2.  Can I get to the venue easily?

The closest underground station is Wembley Park Station, approx 5 minutes walk.

Click here to see full directions 


3. Is there parking on site? 

There is onsite parking facilities at Hilton London Wembley, please click here for details.


4.  Will there be a seating plan?

Yes, there will be a seating plan, please make your seating requests at the point of booking, we will endeavour to meet your requests. 


5. May I view the guest list? 

Yes! To see who's registered so far look at the Attendee page.


6.  Can I book a whole table for our company?

Yes you can, please detail your request at time of booking.


7.  I haven’t received my ticket yet?

There are no printed tickets for this event, your email confirmation is your proof of booking. 


8.  I have booked my ticket but I am now unable to attend

We will refund tickets if cancelled before 17:00 on 4th January. We accept name changes up to 17:00 on 4th January. Please notify the Executive Office of any changes.


9. When I booked I forgot to add my dietary requirements, can I add them now? 

Yes, just email the Executive Office and we will be able to add these to your booking.


10. I wish to make a name change to my booking, how do I do that?

 We accept name changes up to 17:00 on 4th January.  


9.  How do I book my free place?

The free place codes will have been emailed to your organisation's primary HBAA contact.


10. How do I know who is the primary HBAA contact is at my organisation? 

Go to the HBAA membership directory, locate your organisation - all the contacts we have will be listed including the primary contact.


11. The primary contact for my organisation has left the company/emigrated to Outer Mongolia/ is not returning to the office for weeks/disappeared without trace so we have not received our free ticket code - what do we do

Not a problem, give us a call on 0845 5050150 and we'll help you out.


12.  How can I pay for my ticket?

You can create an invoice as part of the registration process, just print it out once you have completed your booking.


13. Does my dinner ticket include accommodation? 

No, your ticket does not include accommodation, please go to the Accommodation tab for the HBAA rates at local hotels.


14. I wish to cancel my bedroom, how do I do this? 

Please contact the hotel direct, the HBAA cannot book or cancel bedrooms for this event.


Click here to register your place.