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Like many organisations, Inntel is continually looking at how it can improve employee wellbeing. 

Staff working for the agency at all levels and across all departments have been given work life balance opportunities such as home working and job sharing for a number of years.    

Recently, Inntel has introduced a new benefit to staff which enables its’ employees to move to working a four day week.   Without affecting the total number of hours worked, their salary or other ‘work perks’, this benefit has been well received at the agency.

Hilton St Anne’s Manor is delighted to announce its latest addition to the team, Head Chef, Eduardo Battifora. Eduardo joins the team ahead of launching our new menu on 1st May.




Organising conferences can be daunting, but imagine being tasked with planning a six day international conference, for 550 delegates from 32 different countries?

This was the challenge faced by Conversation Analysis expert Professor Paul Drew, who was responsible for organising the International Conference of Conversations Analysis (ICCA).

He enlisted the help of Imago Venues, Loughborough University’s conference and events arm.

Together they have shared their top tips for organising a successful international academic conference.


This is a short, honest view of how the current political situation is affecting our business. It is not a rant or a moan, just a simple appraisal of where we are for anyone who might be interested.

Tips to cut back on plastic, pollution and waste for eco-friendly events

According to the United Nations, half of all plastic produced is designed to be used once and then thrown away, taking centuries to degrade. In fact, experts are warning that if we don’t act, the amount of plastic in our oceans will outweigh the fish by 2050.

And it’s not just plastic that’s the problem. Deforestation, fossil fuels and farming are all contributing to an increase in greenhouse gases, and we’re seeing global warming, extreme weather and rising sea levels as a result.

There has been loads of talk about apprenticeships for the meetings business travel and event sectors in recent years. But I still think they’re underrated, with many in our market not taking them seriously.

The leaders of the future won’t all come from universities, ready to hit the ground running, with gap year experience. And there are so many hard-working young people searching for their chance to break into the career of their choice, without the qualifications and experience to help them.

Imago Venues is driven by our customer service strategy and excellent customer service is at the heart of everything we do. We like to refer to it as “the Imago way”.

This is reflected in the rise of our net promoter score of 100% for January, which is a 13% rise on the previous year. Our target is 85% but we are always striving for better.



Juliet Price, Consultant Executive Director, and Former MP and Rapiergroup MD Nick de Bois recently took part in a discussion about Brexit’s impact on the event industry.

Speaking at discussion forum EventHuddle, the former chief of staff to former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab said that no deal would be challenging, but not the end of the world, and advised event professionals to prepare for it by reading the government’s technical advice.

Juliet Price of the HBAA, who said that staffing issues were top of the agenda for the association’s member.


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