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Beyond Food Update

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There is a massive thank you due to everyone who helped raise the £19,500 at the Annual Dinner in January.  It really was an incredible achievement and the team at Beyond Food and Brigade where simply blown away!  The funds will make a huge impact the lives of the people they support. The money raised from the Annual Dinner, plus everything else we raised throughout 2016 has helped us exceed £24K for the charity so far.

Part of the monies raised will fund one of the apprentice’s entirely for a full year, including their uniform and personal set of knives to use in the Brigade kitchen.  It will also fund them to go on experience days throughout the year eg. Bread making, butchery workshop, fish market experience, cheese making etc.  

Funds will also be allocated to support the launch of Simon Boyle’s new book.  This will assist in the distribution costs, helping get the book to those that really need it for free.  It is aimed to help vulnerable individuals to improve their health and well-being and get back into work for good.  It costs £5 to publish and distribute one of these books via shelters and job centres.

We continue to support Beyond Food and Brigade for the rest of this year.  We will be fund raising at each event unapologetically and if any individuals or companies would like to get involved with any of the events please do contact

Thank you!