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Eventhuddle: Brexit Discussion

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Juliet Price, Consultant Executive Director, and Former MP and Rapiergroup MD Nick de Bois recently took part in a discussion about Brexit’s impact on the event industry.

Speaking at discussion forum EventHuddle, the former chief of staff to former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab said that no deal would be challenging, but not the end of the world, and advised event professionals to prepare for it by reading the government’s technical advice.

Juliet Price of the HBAA, who said that staffing issues were top of the agenda for the association’s member.

She said: “I’m not worried about Brexit, but I am a little bit wary. HBAA members are extremely resilient to change and have worked their way through recessions and the like. I think they view Brexit as a challenge to overcome, and overcome it they will. There will always be events.

“We’re listening to our members. They’re not seeing a flag in demand, but they are seeing a slight decrease in the amount of contracts being signed at the moment. There’s no indication of events cancelling, so it’s very much business as usual.

“The key concern is over recruitment and staffing. The implications of that are more real at this time than concerns about having enough staff.

“When we surveyed our members in 2017 about Brexit the concerns were around business. Now the concerns are around staffing. That message is becoming more and more prevalent.”

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