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Five Ways to Make Your Business Trips More Environmentally-Friendly

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Business travel is an activity enabling companies to service their clients. The ability to visit clients in person is still an essential part of building relationships, as opposed to virtually, but how can you make your business trips environmentally-friendly?

All that time spent in the air does little favours for the environment, particularly if your business is full of frequent flyers.

Fears around global warming have placed increased strain on companies to make their business trips more energy efficient, and led to the creation of travel policies designed specifically for the purposes of sustainability. Such initiatives include the tracking of air travel activity, and the booking of meeting venues reachable only by foot or public transport.

Here are five steps you can take to make your business trips more environmentally-friendly:

1. Take non-stop flights

Did you know that roughly 50% carbon emissions on flights come from take-off and landing? Stop-over flights are not only longer, but also more damaging to the environment. Every extra journey adds greater fuel consumption, which could otherwise be saved with a direct trip. You can calculate the emissions output of your flights using this Carbon Emissions Calculator by the International Civil Aviation Organization which draws on publicly available data to tell you how much fuel you’re burning on trips away.

2. Offset your carbon footprint

Many airlines have internal practices in place to reduce their carbon footprint called carbon offsetting programmes. Carbon offsetting programmes give passengers the opportunity to donate to conservation and renewable energy projects around the world. For a small, additional fee you can help protect wildlife in Africa or reduce deforestation in the Amazon.

3. Use green transportation

Where possible, avoid driving on trips away and instead walk or take public transport. Depending on where you’re going, you may also want to consider cycling as well. If you must drive, hire a fuel efficient vehicle.

4. Book an apartment close to the airport

The closer you are to an airport, the less fuel you’ll burn commuting to and from your accommodation. Many SilverDoor apartments are located within a 20 minute drive of an airport, allowing you to minimise those all-important carbon emissions.

5. Extend your business trips

By extending your business trips, you’ll be able to incorporate an aspect of fun into them, and avoid multiple flights later down the line. For example, if you’d planned to visit Paris for pleasure, and are heading out there on work, why not just stay a week longer?  Remember - one less flight means less pollution to the environment.


By Anton Constantinou, Silverdoor