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The Future in 15 Show | The Future of Small Meetings, Automation and Online Bookings

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Interview with Michael Begley, MD of

In Episode 5 of The Future in 15 Show, Caleb Parker interviews Michael Begley to discuss the growth in small meetings demand, the future of small meetings, and how automation and online bookings will affect how venues work with MICE agents & event organisers.

Topics discussed:

  • Overview of
  • Increased demand in small meetings.
  • Defining the size of a small meeting.
  • Should small meeting bookings be automated?
  • Can automation replace the human touch?
  • Why there is resistance to automating small meeting room bookings.
  • How online bookings will affect the way venues work with MICE agents and event organisers
  • Making procurement of small meeting rooms more efficient
  • The middle ground between automation and human touch.
  • The difference between and online marketplaces.
  • Do we need a Global Distribution System (GDS) for small meetings?
  • What kind of booking experience do customers want?
  • The future of small meetings.

This was the first time the The Future in 15 Show was combined with a live event, which included an exclusive audience of of MICE agents and event organisers, followed by a drinks and networking reception.  During and after the shoot Show Host Caleb Parker facilitated a ‘behind the scenes’ audience discussion and debate which featured strong opposing views on the topic.
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Watch the full episode below: