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The Future in 15 Show | How ExCeL Is Using Tech To Personalise The Delegate Experience

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In this episode of The Future in 15 Show, host Caleb Parker interviews HBAA member, James Rees, Executive Director of Conferences & Events for ExCeL.

James explains how ExCeL re-purposed underutilised space to create a new product called CentrEd, as a result of the spike in demand for small meetings. Similar to Episode 2, the topic of design comes up once again as the design of CentrEd was driven by client feedback and what clients wanted out of ExCeL.

James shares his belief that it's very important for organisers and venues to collaborate in order to better under the stakeholder desires and deliver returns. He gives us a view of how ExCeL is using tech to understand visitors, and is using big data to profile "Mr. & Mrs. ExCeL" in order to personalise the delegate experience.

Watch below and also learn that ExCeL has ramped up their bandwidth ten fold to enable better tech adoption.

This episode is brought to you by, and hosted by CentrEd at ExCeL.

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