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The Future in 15 Show | How To Think Differently About Events and Engage Audiences

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Get ready to challenge your thinking....

In this quick and punchy episode of The Future in 15 Show, host Caleb Parker interviews Kim Myhre, Senior VP of FreemanXP's London-based EMEA office, challenges event organisers to think differently, prefers not to use the word 'event' and instead suggests event planners should be thinking about engaging audiences in a brand experience.

He believes today's fast pace, instant access environment we live in makes makes gaining and retaining audience attention difficult, requiring new ways of doing things as traditional event models aren't working as well as they use to.

Kim introduces us to the term "inter-sectional design thinking", FreemanXP's innovative approach to designing brand experiences, and explains how this innovative process helps brands achieve better outcomes.

Finally, Kim predicts why he thinks Virtual Reality will be the next big thing in events.

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Watch the full episode below: