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The Future in 15 Show | How Venue Design Plays a Role in Successful Events

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In this episode of The Future in 15 Show, host Caleb Parker interviews HBAA member Alastair Stewart, MD of etc.venues.  Alastair talks about how he believes creative, bold venue design will play an important part in success of events in the future.  He gives us a peek into his company's client engagement strategy during the design process, and he shares his company’s top tech adoption, as well as the most popular use of tech by clients.

Viewers who watch the episode to the end will get the chance to see an extended version of the show, with exclusive content, including details about art in design, the future of wifi and power at events, and what Alastair sees as the next big thing in events.

This episode is sponsored by, and was hosted at etc.venues iconic County Hall venue.

Watch the full episode below:



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