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The Future in 15 Show | How will the future of venue design drive engagement and learning?

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Our final episode in Season 1...

Episode 11 features Richard HarrisonDirector of Conference Centres at Warwick Conferences, in the hot seat to share his knowledge with Show Host Caleb Parker about how his venue has been designed with the aim of driving learning and engagement.

We talk about:

  • How Warwick Conferences is innovating to meet the needs of today's customers and change the image of academic venues?
  • What can venues learn from commercial office interior design trends?
  • How can venues complement virtual meetings?
  • How should venues decide what tech to adopt?
  • What does is it mean to be a customer-driven organisation?
  • How can venues innovate with food?
  • What role do online bookings play?

After several shows in London, and one in Manchester, The Future in 15 Show travelled to Coventry for our first show to be recorded in the Midlands. We were greeting by a packed room full of corporate event planners, including Amanda Thurlow, who wrote a great piece on the event.

Here's an excerpt from her article: "Event professionals are often responsible for planning a whole programme of events in multiple venues.They see a lot of event spaces so are often looking for a space that can inspire not only them but their event attendees. They regularly have creative ideas about how to develop their event and engage attendees but often venues are not designed to facilitate anything other than the traditional meeting formats." Read the full article here.

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Stay tuned for Season 2