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The Future in 15 Show | Maximising ROI of Small Meetings with Online Bookings

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Participants of the March members meeting at HBAA venue member, Warwick Conferences, saw Season 2 of The Future in 15 Show kick off with a panel discussion on the popular industry topic of online bookings.

The panel discussed how venues and agencies can maximise the return of small meetings with online bookings, including tips, insight and advice.

Panelists include:

  1. Adam Simpson etc.venues
  2. Joanna Fisher | Kew Green Hotels
  3. Heather Swatkins
  4. Mark Nunan
  5. Caleb Parker | The Future in 15 Show

Discussion points:

  • The demand for small meetings
  • Time wasted by offering 3 options to client vs. just booking straight away
  • Examples of ROI
  • Solutions to drive direct bookings
  • Solutions to leverage agent relationships via online bookings

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