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The Future in 15 Show | A Platform To Share Infrastructure For Large Meetings and Events

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The Series Premier of The Future in 15 Show kicks off today, where we learn about a new online platform that enables the sharing of infrastructure for large meetings and events.  Show Host Caleb Parker interviews Damian Oracki, the Founder & CEO of Showslice in the punchy 15 minute format the show has been promising.

Oracki claims his platform helps event organisers save time and money, while he brings new business to venues and event suppliers.  Showslice is able to do this by working with event organisers, venues and suppliers to see what events are already confirmed at particular venues (including their production/set-up ideas) and then promotes the adjacent available days in order for organisers to enjoy the cost, time and waste savings of sharing event infrastructure.  This approach enables venues to sell space on the front or back of an event that may very well sit empty.

The episode is hosted by Chandos House and sponsored by

Watch the full episode below:



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