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Inntel offers its’ employees a four day working week

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Like many organisations, Inntel is continually looking at how it can improve employee wellbeing. 

Staff working for the agency at all levels and across all departments have been given work life balance opportunities such as home working and job sharing for a number of years.    

Recently, Inntel has introduced a new benefit to staff which enables its’ employees to move to working a four day week.   Without affecting the total number of hours worked, their salary or other ‘work perks’, this benefit has been well received at the agency.

Douglas O’Neill, CEO of Inntel said, "Moving to a four-day week is one of a number benefits that we offer everyone at Inntel.   This is currently a trial to encourage our people to work smarter not harder.  We hope that the benefit will help our staff be the best they can be whilst at work but also give them the work life balance to be their best at home too”. 

Feedback from Inntel staff who are trialling the new initiative is that they feel rejuvenated and, despite working the same hours, they feel the day off work has given them time back to pursue personal interests and family commitments,  They also say that being given this opportunity makes them feel more committed to Inntel and increased their loyalty to the agency.



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