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The Lara Morgan Legacy

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As we write today, it’s 75 days since Lara Morgan graced us with her presence, with a whopping 50% of you stating that this was your favourite session from our HBAA back2basics Forum - the next favoured session scored 28 % so Lara was a clear, hands-down winner, I’m sure you’d agree.

So why was Lara Morgan’s session so powerful, igniting and engaging? Well….

Simple really…we could all relate to her, and her personality was also a persuasive factor.

We were all able to resonate with her challenges and tribulations, and apply them to our immediate working days in our own businesses, as well as considering her views in our future thought processes for success, planning and strategy. 

For those of you who missed out and as a recap for those that were there in Hinckley, but perhaps too ingrained with the session to take notes, here is our summary for you to take-away and hopefully work with.

  1. HBAA Code of Practice  –  Yes, we can see you rolling your eyes and thinking “not that old chestnut again’’ but as Lara said, this a unique differentiator for us in our industry and therefore to not understand it, read it or embrace this business guidance and support, is surely criminal. 

    Your take-away is to break the Code down into manageable chunks and re-familiarize yourself with the content and key points. Have a look at clauses 4.2 / 4b.2/ 4b.11/ 4c.3/ 4c.4 / 4c.9/ 6 these are just some examples of guidance for you - agents and venues - and are all relevant to each and every one of us within HBAA membership and our mutual customers.  What are you waiting for?

  2. Talent management & retention - Within our fantastic industry, which we are all very passionate about, it has never been more important to ensure that we retain, develop and grow our business leaders of the future.  Lara took us back to basics in terms of ensuring that our approach to talent and our people concentrated on their productivity every time.  This keeps us and them focused, energised and sets our own standards to live and work by. And how do we do this…?


Start with making time by saying NO - It is too easy to say YES, without always articulating value.

Innovation – Give your teams, your customers and yourselves the time to think, and take a step back to provide the headroom for the future and to do things differently.

Focusing your efforts with the vital extra mile - Focusing is about you and your teams going over and above the box, not just thinking outside of it. How can you and your business stand out from your competitors? This is not always a financial value, and can sometimes be a very simple aspect of your offering.

It could be as basic as speed: How are your response times? How quickly do you get back to missed calls from your customers, respond to briefs etc.  Are you on time with your promises?

“Your customers doesn’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Be the reason someone smiles today.“

Quite frankly, if you don’t focus your efforts, this is how they become someone else’s customer.

To leave you with a lasting thought, in Lara’s own words:

Be bolder, please be less British!

Your next Lara injection will be with you in 49 days’ time. Tick tock…

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