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How integrated do you feel on work trips? These days, an increasing number of business travellers seek a sense of belonging from both their accommodation and the destinations they visit.  

The much talked about bleisure has blurred the boundaries between business and leisure, and meant that people want more from their overseas assignments than just a place to stay.

I believe we should inspire young poeple to take their futures into their own hands, whatever their starting point in life. There are so many ways this can be done and often it's the samllest and simplest interventions that have the furthest reaching impact.

The work we do is so much more powerful when we connect, collaborate and ahre our knowldge with others. This is something I feel strongly about, so I get out and about as much as I can to make new connections.

Sharing Knowledge

In the last week or so, I’ve spent quite a bit of time with people working on other projects in London that have synergies with what we do at Beyond Food and Brigade.

On the 25th May, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into play; after almost two years of discussion and preparation, a new wave of laws will be put in place that will change the way we, this events industry, deals with our customer data.

Business travel is an activity enabling companies to service their clients. The ability to visit clients in person is still an essential part of building relationships, as opposed to virtually, but how can you make your business trips environmentally-friendly?

All that time spent in the air does little favours for the environment, particularly if your business is full of frequent flyers.

Participants of the March members meeting at HBAA venue member, Warwick Conferences, saw Season 2 of The Future in 15 Show kick off with a panel discussion on the popular industry topic of online bookings.

The panel discussed how venues and agencies can maximise the return of small meetings with online bookings, including tips, insight and advice.

Challenging yourself and doing something you wouldn't normally do can be a revelation. It creates inspiration and gives a breath of fresh air – I’ve witnessed how getting outside your comfort zone can change lives.

Unilever Takeover at Brigade

Event convergence you say? Not the sort of phrase that could brighten up anyone’s day, let alone their summer. Well hear us out, because this is important and a sign of where this industry could be going in the short and long term.

Firstly, an overdue explanation; ‘event convergence’ is when two or more existing events combine to create a higher production, bigger and more all-encompassing super-event. It’s also known in the industry as the ‘less is more’ trend, and is part of wider move by event organiser to create one brilliant event in exchange for five ‘meh!’ events.

The HBAA is of course an agent association with valued venue members to support the mix and together they hope to shape the future of our sector. 

But how can venues be a part of this?  Well firstly and I suppose it goes without saying, become a member.  The HBAA welcomes all types of venues, big, small, privately owned, part of chain or large group, Academic, Sporting,  all shapes and sizes create a medley of experience and learning.

Due to catering’s disposable nature and the growing pressure to become sustainable, it’s never been more important for eventprofs to embrace conscious food practices. The rise in environmental awareness and the mindful consumer puts emphasis on the food source, the journey and even its ultimate destination. Here are five principles for you to consider when creating conscious catering at your next event…

1. Avoid over catering