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Interview with Chris Elmitt, MD of Crystal Interactive Meetings

What is the future of event app technology?

Nick Brooks-Sykes, director of tourism for Marketing Manchester, shares what makes Manchester his UK number one choice for meetings and events outside London.

With an office just outside Manchester, I hear a lot from the teams about how ‘Great’ Manchester is and looking at some of our recent stats I can see that a lot of our customers travel in and out of the city on business. Manchester is a top-ten meetings destination for our customers and I met with Nick Brooks-Sykes to explore some of the reasons why. Here’s my guide: 

Training for the Wolf Run is well underway and our fearless pack of wolves are getting prepared!  We have raised £873 so far against our target of £1500.  Thank you to all of those who have donated, it is appreciated by both the charity and the competitors.

As we head towards the end of our membership year, HBAA members will soon start to receive renewal notices for your membership for 2017/2018.

It’s been such a fantastic year for us, with 13 new agency members and 30 new venue members, and it’s great to see that we’re continuing to get new enquiries on a weekly basis. We’d like to drop a little note to say ‘welcome and thank you’  to all of our new members and we hope you’ve enjoyed your first year with us.

The HBAA Wolf runners are ramping in the training….. Well… that’s the plan anyway.  In just under 3 weeks we will be embarking on the WOLF run. A unique combination of off road running, mud trails and obstacle runs.  This is no ordinary 10k run; this is across raw natural terrain with open ground, woodlands, thick mud and not forgetting an open lake swim!

The feeling of running in a pack whilst testing your mental and physical strength, skills and stamina…..  Who wouldn’t want to spend their Sunday like this?

Interview with Rachelle Valladares, UK & EU Regional Director for Dezika.

Episode 7 of The Future in 15 Show broke new ground with Rachelle joining as the first female guest to come on the show. Dezika is a tech startup aiming to disrupt the MICE commission world by making the collection and management easier for venues, supplier and agencies.

To say that the industry has association fatigue currently is an understatement. With the emergence of social communities and free education from the likes of #eventplannertalks, Event Huddle and Citizen Event, traditional membership and trade bodies have their work cut out to convince well-informed industry professionals of the value of their membership.

A perspective on the Conference Awards 2017 from Event Sales Executive, Chloe Bennett:

“Walking into the Conference Awards with our CEO Tom and Venue Manager Valeria, I was hit instantly with chattering noise, vibrant colour and a chilled glass of bubbly. So this is what it was all about. It was my very first Conference Awards in a brand-new industry of which I had been involved in for 6 months. Events!

Now that’s something all of us suppliers would like to know. This time of year our buyers are receiving invites, left right and centre and many of them say… “I could literally go on a fam trip every night of the week if I RSVP’d yes to all of them”. But what really makes a good fam trip? What makes buyers walk away thinking, yes this will work for some of my clients? What will make them push your venue over the others following this FAM trip?