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The opportunities to work in this dynamic industry are vast, whatever your background. 

HBAA is committed to promoting professional careers working in business events and attracting tomorrow’s leaders to this sector of the tourism industry.

Careers in hospitality and events are exciting and rewarding at all levels. There are many routes to starting out in this industry, not all of them are academic and the professional skills acquired through working in agencies, hotels and venues are valued across many sectors.

You can seek employment straight from school or through further education, having taken an apprenticeship or a degree. Many people also enter the industry in later life or as  second career, utilising transferable skills such as general business disciplines - HR, finance. marketing etc.-  and customer service experience.

There are also opportunities to train for specialised roles relating specifically to the sector.

Below is a selection of individual profiles, reflecting the diversity of roles and companies in HBAA membership.


Callum Douglas Sally Biggs Harry Warner  Katie Doyle 

Michelle Barratt-Nogueria Rachel Eccles Rachel Harwood Sian Sayward

Flora Donnelly Tracey Whitlam Zoe Millward