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Apprenticeship Scheme

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HBAA Apprenticeship Scheme

This unique programme is designed to encourage people into our industry, giving them unique opportunities to experience working in specific aspects of our members’ businesses, and ultimately develop a new resource pipeline to address the entry-level talent gap.

This will be run in conjunction with our partners, REALISE, a professional training and development organisation who have led the way in Event Apprenticeships, and who will provide assistance with apprentice recruitment, ongoing coaching, access to their Online Learning Management System and the series of apprenticeship training workshops.

The way it will work is: -

  • HBAA members will team up to give the apprentice a comprehensive experience with 2-3 employers providing a 6 month rotation each, the rotations being: Venue Finding (Agency) ; Working in an Event Venue ( Venue); Event Management (Agency)
  • Each employer shares the costs of employment - typically £4-5000 each
  • Each employer shares the costs of the training - £300 each
  • One employer takes responsibility to “employ” the apprentice on an 18-month contract
  • All parties sign a 3-way contract between the employers agreeing the mutual funding arrangement


We appreciate some agency members will want to cover both the Venue Finding and Event Management rotations if their business operates in both areas. If this is the case, you will cover 2/3 of the costs.

At this stage, please send us an email to register your interest.

It would be helpful to know:

1) How many apprentices you might be looking for

2) Suggestions of other member(s) you would want to partner up with to cover all three rotations – please bear in mind geographic access for your apprentices

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