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Forum 2014
How to Make Beds and influence people.pdf How to Make Beds and Influence People: The Principles of Economics Forum 2014, key note speakers: Professor Abhinay Muthoo, Head of Department & Siobhan Benita, Chief of Policy and Strategy  
Cutting Through The Clutter Master.pdf Cutting Through The Clutter Forum 2014, Residential Venue stream and Non- Residential stream: Cutting Through The Clutter. By Stephen Pauley, Be First Class Limited
Tim Dingle ‘Be Amazing Every Day’ .pdf Be Amazing Every Day Forum 2014, Key Note presentation: Be Amazing Every Day, by Tim Dingle CEO, The Lset 
Meet Birmingham - Shaping up for the Future .pdf Meet Birmingham- Shaping Up for the Future Forum 2014, Agent Stream: Meet Birmingham, by Emma Gray and Caralyn Overs, Marketing Birmingham.   
How can smart data be best utilised in our industry - Jon West.pdf BED Talks Forum 2014, Residential Venue stream:  BED Talks with Jon West and Sam Welch 
Control, Option, Delete Staying human in the digital age.pdf Control, Option, Delete: Staying human in the digital age Forum 2014, Control, Option, Delete: Staying human in the digital age by Richard Watson, Author, blogger and trend-spotter,
What drives the decision AW .pdf What Drives the Decision? Forum 2014, What Drives the Decision? Headed by Andrew White with Allan Norbury, Kathie McGuire, Jacqui Kavanagh, Alison Ledger, Guy Mason and Trevor Elswood   
BED Talks Sam Welch.pdf BED Talks Forum 2014, Bed Talks UK Industry Trends, by Sam Welch. 
Im already working flat out don't give me any more-AD.pdf I'm Already Working Flat Out Don't Give Me Any More! Forum 2014, I'm Already Working Flat Out- Don't Give Me Any More!, Customer facing stream, by Andy Edwards.