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AECC a Finalist in the 2016 AIPC Apex Award

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Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre has been confirmed as one of 15 finalists in the 2016 edition of the globally recognised AIPC Apex Award competition for “Best Client Rated Convention Centre”. This prestigious Award, which has been maintained by the International Association of Convention Centre (AIPC) for over 20 years, owes its prominence to the fact that competitors are rated entirely on the basis of client ratings as assessed by the global market research company Ipsos.

“The position of Finalist for the AIPC Apex Award is a notable achievement that places a centre amongst very good company worldwide”, said AIPC President Geoff Donaghy. “It means that a centre has secured sufficient support from its clients to be able to proceed in the competition, which is typically a testament to the way in which they are regarded in the market. “In total, Ipsos has surveyed over 1650 client references put forward by participating centres – a clear indication of the effort made to get the broadest possible assessment of client evaluations for this competition”.

The final determination of the Apex Award winner will be made in advance of its presentation at the 2016 AIPC Annual Conference in Nantes, France in early July, and a further announcement made at that time. “Previous Apex Award winners have found that this award confers considerable prestige and recognition, not only within the market, but also amongst industry colleagues and their respective communities as well. It is a crowning achievement, which is why it is so intensely contested”, said Donaghy.

AIPC is an association comprising over 178 international convention centres in some 57 countries world-wide. Its mission is to encourage, support and recognise excellence in convention centre management and to maintain a range of programming that addresses this mission.     

Interim Managing Director at AECC, Graeme Cumming said, “It's great to receive nominations and awards for the venue as it is a credit to the dedicated team. Relationships are a key drive and the team at AECC excel at building these and have maintained so many over a number of years. This award is testament to this as well as receiving recognition  on a global level from event professionals.

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