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Ashfield Meetings & Events Look for Outside Inspiration

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Ashfield Meetings & Events held their annual conference - The Lab - on Wednesday 26 July at Holywell Park, an Imago venue, in Loughborough.

The Lab, now in its fifth year, is an interactive event for UK staff, dedicated to delivering continued professional development, building supplier partnerships and driving creativity. It is designed to complement the agency’s award-winning learning and development programme.

This year the theme Outside Inspiration focussed on how staff - both individually and collectively – can find fresh sources of creative stimuli to help enhance solutions for their clients. The Lab had over 200 attendees (including a number of preferred suppliers) and provided staff with the opportunity to learn through a combination of ice-breakers, facilitated workshops, technology demonstrations, crowd-sourced galleries, external speakers and exhibit environments.

Nicola Burns (Global Managing Director) said: “The Lab is an important event and something our staff look forward to each year. It is an opportunity for us to share insight and understanding, develop more collaborative relationships and build strategic partnerships. We asked a number of our suppliers and partners to be involved throughout the event and interact with our staff throughout the sessions. Having them more closely involved in the content allowed us to generate more inspiration from each other. We  invited one of the Ashfield divisional businesses, Pegasus, a multi-award winning communications agency, to share how creative inspiration drives their business. We also listened to an Olympic coach and an actor explain how they found their inspiration to achieve peak performance.”

Luke Flett (Global Head Of Marketing) commented: “The Lab gives us time away from the pressures of the office to reflect on the important issues that we face as an event agency. We developed the outward-looking theme to encourage staff to explore the external factors that are driving the fast pace of change and consider how this might impact our agency, both now and in the future. Our SPARK THINKING brand will be providing staff with tools and techniques to use these insights to spot unconcealed opportunities. We also wanted to ensure that it is everyone’s responsibility to keep their eyes and ears open to the numerous sources of creative inspiration that surround us on a daily basis. Again our SPARK THINKING brand will provide workshops to help staff to use different inspiration to connect dots and ultimately fuel more engaging experiences for our clients.”



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