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Business travel missing out on mobile strategies

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New research from The Global Business Travel Association has revealed that corporate travel companies are missing out on crucial mobile tools.

In an online survey of 231 travel managers in the U.S., they found that 70% of those contacted didn’t have a mobile strategy in place. Their report defines a mobile strategy as a travel programme plan which incorporates a mobile platform, with an aim to saving businesses money and keeping users engaged. 

“The focus of a mobile travel program strategy should be centered on how to make a traveller’s  experience so simple in program that there is more value there than outside the program,” said Monica Sanchez, director of the GBTA Foundation. 

Yet despite this trend, just 45% of travel managers in the same group claim their companies plan to adopt such strategies in the next two years.

With more and more business travellers relying on apps like Skyscanner, Concur, and Uber, it seems strange that travel managers haven’t been quicker to move with the times.  For one, digital payments via providers like Google Wallet have increased, as have the means to which companies use mobile technology to book flights and manage expenses.

Integral to the corporate travel sector are serviced apartments providers, who are increasingly adopting mobile strategies to improve the guest experience. 

As the world’s leading serviced apartment agent, SilverDoor meet mobile demands with an app that makes it easy to search for serviced apartments whilst on the move. The app follows a similar look and feel to the website, with images scaled for mobile devices. The website also has touch screen capabilities, allowing users on tablets to comfortably swipe through galleries, and across the built-in location map.

A lot of guests like to check-in on Facebook upon arrival at a new destination, and watch films online via a tablet device. The majority of serviced apartment operators meet this need by offering unlimited Wi-Fi access in their apartments.  One operator recently launched a free smartphone service, whereby guests receive a virtual phone number and are able to make free international calls to countries including, India, China and Germany.

The combination of personal smartphone and concierge service represents a considerable leap forward for the serviced apartment industry, which, of late, has proven proactive in this regard. 

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