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Comment from our HBAA Chair on the Autumn Budget Statement

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Following the announcement of the Autumn Budget Statement delivered by the Chancellor the Exchequer, our HBAA Chair Louise had this to say...

“We’re disappointed by the absence of specific measures to help the hospitality and meetings industry in the Autumn Budget Statement to address important issues.

Financial incentives or assistance for young people to train and to encourage talent in the hospitality and events sector are needed to help reduce youth unemployment and prepare for the declining number of EU workers coming here, a massive and vital resource for this sector. HBAA hoped that the Chancellor would address this in his Autumn Budget Statement. While £20 million for further education colleges for T levels is good news, we need more investment in hospitality sector training.

We need to attract more young people to see the sector as a good career opportunity. Raising personal allowances and with it, the tax threshold is a step forward, but providing funds to encourage 16 to  19 year olds to train in the sector would have been a helpful initiative.

While we welcome the review of tourism and APD taxation in Northern Ireland, we’re disappointed that the review doesn’t cover England, Scotland and Wales as well."

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