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Crystal Interactive Case Study: HBAA Annual Forum Event App

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The HBAA Annual Forum is a one day event attended by over 260 delegates. As a well established forum, it brings professionals together from across the events and hospitality industry to discuss the most pertinent and current topics, and to exchange ideas, learn from each other and to support the development of people.

The format for the event included key note speakers, interviews with industry leaders, panel discussions and debates incorporating audience polling, plus campfire sessions and leadership workshops.

Apps provided for previous events by other suppliers had failed to attain high levels of adoption due to insufficient training and guidance on how to use them in the most effective way. Our brief was to facilitate meaningful engagement for delegates, provide relevant information and knowledge to the event team, ensuring sufficient training and guidance was given to all stakeholders to maximise adoption.

Further to this, as a newly condensed one-day event, the event organisers needed to streamline the organisation of individual delegates’ agendas, to ensure they could move seamlessly from session to session throughout the day.

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