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The Duty of Care Report - A brand new feature by

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In light of recent events around the world concerning the security and safety of the public, have released a new feature, which they have embedded into their GRATIS software. Working with the HBBA, strive to maintain best practice between agents and their clients, and in this instance, help to provide extra protection.

Agents can access The Duty of Care Report through GRATIS (a cloud based solution for venue finding and revenue management), and search for the location of any client, at any time, on any date. Fields can be filtered by name, contact details, number of guests etc., and can even show when a guest has checked in or out, via a CSV. file.

Of course, this facility is by no means exclusive for safety use, believe it is a valuable asset for tracking guests whenever it is necessary.

Below shows a sample page of The Duty of Care Report:

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