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etc.venues launches ‘A Breath of Fresh Care’ – a comprehensive new cleaning programme in collaboration with Cleanology and Navitas/ESB

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As part of its comprehensive preparations and new operating procedures for the reopening of venues, etc.venues has developed a new programme to deliver cleanliness and disinfection in its venues.  In a new move the company will collaborate with Cleanology, with its scientific approach to cleaning and with Navitas (formally known as the European Safety Bureau) - who will audit venues to the new Covid Controlled Certification scheme.

etc.venues, ‘A Breath of Fresh Care’ initiative, will apply Cleanology’s scientific approach to cleaning practices that build upon the current high standards where hospital grade products are already in use. The initiative, believed to be the first of its kind for UK venues, demonstrates a focus on cleanliness that will reassure both event planners and delegates throughout the etc.venues portfolio.

etc.venues Director of Operations, Guy Booth said “As a leading venue brand, we felt it important to set a new standard and to respond to the need for enhanced  health and safety requirements. As we get back to business and reopen our venues, our clients, team members and suppliers need to be confident that our venues offer the highest standards of safety.”

Cleanology, one of the UK’s leading specialist cleaning companies, bring years of experience and an award winning, ISO quality-accredited set of practices and methodologies to cleaning.  As well as etc. venues, its clients include Harrods, the Good Housekeeping Institute, and the Royal College of Midwives.

Cleanology’s CEO Dominic Ponniah  said “Covid19 brings significant new challenges to the cleaning of venues, but with our 15 years’ experience of working with etc.venues we will be bringing in elevated processes and enhanced team training and PPE to help delegates enjoy an even cleaner and safer visit. By using the most effective products and technology on the market, we are able to ensure that etc.venues is maintained to the highest possible standards of hygiene and cleanliness.”

Navitas (formerly known as the European Safety Bureau) has advised etc.venues of the necessary protocols, training and procedures to achieve the requirements of the new rigorous Covid Controlled Certification scheme

Derek Gardner, Director at Navitas and an environmental health practitioner said -

“We have audited etc.venues for a number of years, and they have an excellent cleaning and safety record. etc.venues have asked us to develop a new Covid Control Certification specifically for their unique operation which will be launched in July 2020. This will ensure rigorous audit programme centred around venue cleanliness and hygiene that will ensure delegates enjoy a clean and safe visit.”

Full details of the program are being developed in line with Government advice but are expected to include the following:

  1. New Hygiene Guru – team member appointed at each venue to ensure standards are met.
  2. Dry spray disinfection – deep clean of each venue using the latest techniques.
  3. Triple clean – all high touch items, door handles, switches and AV controls, will have a triple clean.
  4. Both back and front of house – advanced cleaning plan for both areas in the venue.
  5. Touch free soap – dispensers upgraded in all toilets and restrooms.
  6. Trained team –knowledgeable and supplied with latest PPE.
  7. Free Sanitisers – mini sanitisers offered to delegates as part of the package.
  8. Discrete signage – informative but not imposing throughout the venues.