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etc.venues reports £2m of workspace bookings for second half of 2020 as consequences of Covid-19

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etc.venues has acquired close to £2m of workspace bookings for the second half of 2020 as a result of changes to requirements and working practices resulting from Covid-19.

Nick Hoare, Chief Operating Officer of etc.venues which has 18 venues in London, Birmingham, Manchester and New York City with more than 270 meeting rooms, says: “Regular workspace bookings have added an exciting additional strand to our business. We are expecting many of the bookings to continue into 2021 while new enquiries continue to arrive as organisations review their workspace needs and costs.”

Workspace has been taken up at etc.venues by a complete cross-section of organisations, from large corporations and the public sector to small businesses and associations operating in a wide variety of markets.

Nick Hoare continues “There are several reasons why our clients are choosing to book this space on a regular basis. Some need additional room to accommodate extra staff and activity resulting from Covid-19, but do not want to commit to office leases, as their needs may change in the near future. Other organisations have decided to operate without an HQ, with staff mainly working from home, so are booking rooms as a place to maintain connections with their team, suppliers and clients by meeting face-to-face on demand.

Completer flexibility is the key

“Our research has shown that the ongoing uncertainty is making commitment to workspace a challenge. Organisations are fleeing long-term contracts and complicated membership plans with ‘credits’ and choosing complete flexibility. When the future is uncertain, being able to adapt quickly is key. That’s why our fully flexible, instantly available, comprehensive Covid-secure workspace is already supporting so many businesses.

“We have rooms of all sizes, which are thoroughly cleaned after every use, a wide choice of food and beverage is readily available, so too are cycle storage areas and each room has in-built presentation tech. These can be booked up to 5pm the day before and configured to accommodate any arrangement in line with social distancing guidelines. In fact, we have received a variety of requests from our workspace clients who book different spaces each week to adapt room layouts quickly according to their needs (e.g. hybrid studio, boardroom, meeting room, classroom). It’s further evidence that being agile is now more important for organisations than ever before.” 

Workspace clients are an addition to the many organisations continuing to use etc.venues’ facilities to hold meetings and training courses with up to 30 people in the room and often with many more joining virtually.

Nick Hoare adds; “Some forward thinking event organisers are being creative within the bounds of the regulations, bringing together more people in person in separate locations connecting virtually, benefiting from our technology partnerships, enabling many customers to stage first class hybrid events with us.”