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Figures for bedroom growth in the capital revealed at HBAA Members meeting

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HBAA is enjoying record levels of membership in 2016 and the members meeting held at Village Hotel Club Farnborough today delivered the highest levels of attendees at any member’s meeting event.

Relevant content and topics included the meeting being opened by Liz Hall, PwC’s Head of UK hospitality & leisure research. Liz shared the latest stats and forecasts on occupancy, Revpar, supply and demand. Liz revealed that in 2015 and up to the 1st sept 2016, 66 new hotels opened with 5000 rooms in London and for the rest of 2016 and into 2017 there are another 8,770 rooms and 67 hotels still to come.  This has doubled the 20 year average.

HBAA Chairman Leigh Cowlishaw commented “The HBAA members’ meeting is a really important date in the association calendar. Today’s high quality, relevant content and speakers have provided our members with value in the form of actionable takeaways. This will help them enrich their business approach, customer experiences and business results.”

The meeting also included a session from Tim Molden of the Met Police.  He highlighted risks today for hotel, apartment and venue security and advised the audience on every day security measures along with how to minimise risk for our guests, travellers and employees.  Tim talked of ‘Table surfing ‘this is the practice of thieves targeting guest items to steal from the table. This could be as simple as asking for directions and placing a map over a phone or tablet and stealing it.

He talked of thieves dressing for their environment - they won't look like thieves as you would think; they will match and form their surroundings. The most prevalent offence in the hospitality industry is bag theft with various means and ways. Buffet breakfast is by far one of the top targets for any hotel with 2 to 3 bag thefts a day in London hotels.

Simon Clayton from RefTech talked to members about data security.   Simon disclosed that 38% of small businesses have experience outside data attacks and 69% of larger organisations has suffered too.  It can cost a small business between £75k - £311k for a security breach and up to £3.14m for a larger organisation, concluding that this is no small threat to our industry.

HBAA also continued raising funds for its chosen charity Beyond Food throughout the year and todays raffle .   The raffle today raised £285 which moves closer to the annual fund raising target of £20k.


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