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Goodwood is delighted to announce the opening of Farmer, Butcher, Chef – a unique new dining experience that celebrates the organic beef, pork and lamb reared less than a mile away on Goodwood Home Farm.
Inspiration for Goodwood’s latest food venture, which is located next to The Goodwood Hotel, comes from the relationship between farmer Tim Hassell, butcher John Hearn and chef Darron Bunn. They work together to create the frequently-changing and diverse menu that showcases Goodwood’s award-winning farm produce.

Not many can control every aspect of their produce in the way Goodwood can. From the fields where livestock graze to the in-house butchery and eventually to the kitchen – where the dishes are created – Goodwood oversees the whole process.
The butcher is directly involved in designing dishes according to what cuts are available. An original approach that means nothing is wasted. Not only does this show the utmost respect for the animals, but it allows guests to enjoy unusual and rare cuts, bringing nostalgic cooking back to life.

Darron Bunn, executive chef at Farmer, Butcher, Chef, comments: “This restaurant is the embodiment of everything that we do at Goodwood, celebrating our slow-grown livestock and ensuring we use every part of the animal. Working so closely with the farmer and the butcher is a totally new approach for me, where the availability of produce dictates our menu and dish design. The passion that goes into the welfare of the animals at Goodwood Home Farm is inspiring.” 

Goodwood has been farmed by the family for over three hundred years and is one of the largest lowland organic farms in the UK. The present Duchess of Richmond was one of the founding members of the Soil Association ran her kitchen garden on organic principles, passing this passion on to her family and the rest of the business. 
This pioneering approach has been recognised by the industry: Farmer, Butcher, Chef will be the first in a group of nationwide venues to receive the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts ‘Sustainable Food Philosophy Seal’. 

John Williams MBE, Executive Chef of The Ritz and Chairman of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, says: “Sustainability is a big issue at the top of the food industry’s agenda. As the professional association for chefs, it is our role to encourage members to demonstrate an environmental approach to food philosophy. This includes using local and seasonal produce, being bio friendly, recycling waste, helping the community and having a strong ethical approach to animal husbandry, butchery and cooking. Goodwood is a great example of a business that delivers on the entire range of the Royal Academy’s philosophy in a very humane and sustainable way.” 

The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts plans to roll out its Sustainable Food Philosophy Seal nationwide. Restaurants will have to abide by up to six key principles in order to qualify.  

Steeped in history and yet not formal, dining at Farmer, Butcher, Chef is about enjoying delicious Goodwood food in a relaxed atmosphere. The building dates back to 1780 and was once a coaching inn used to accommodate the many guests of Goodwood House. Today it has been given a new lease of life as a unique dining experience. 

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