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HBAA Powerful Pack of Wolves raises money for Beyond Food at the Autumn Wolf Run

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This year’s HBAA pack of wolves was certainly supported by some great HBAA member companies both agent and venue.   Conference Care supported with a 3 strong team, along with Prestige Reservations, SilverDoor, Off-Limits, Warwick Conferences, Inntel and The Principal Hotel Group, it was certainly a powerful pack!

Louisa Watson, HBAA Venue Chair and Marketing Director for Wyboston Lakes says, “I am totally overwhelmed at the support from our agent and venue members, they have been brilliant in both competing in the event and donating.  Beyond Food focuses on helping the most lost and vulnerable of our society and the funds raised will really help make a difference.”

This year’s Wolf Run took place in Warwickshire on Sunday 3rd September, a wild running race with a unique combination of three kinds of off-road running. Voted the best OCR in the UK, it’s a hard-core 10k run across raw natural terrain, including open ground, woodland, lakes & thick mud. Designed to test mental & physical strength, skill and stamina, the HBAA pack ran, jumped, climbed, waded and crawled through a course designed to challenge on every level.

Chris Peacock, Director at Conference Care recalls, “I had a bit of an argument with a hay bale (on the 2nd obstacle!), lost my footing and twisted my knee, but heroically carried on!  The HBAA Wolfpack was a great help all the way– going over stuff, under stuff, through stuff and very often right in the stuff, and we managed to keep the group together the whole way right to the end.

The combined total raised for their muddy efforts, is just over £3000, this will be money well spent and much appreciated by Beyond Food and Brigade.

The mission at Beyond Food is to inspire people who are at risk of, or have experienced, homelessness to gain meaningful employment. Simon Boyle, and his team work tirelessly to better the lives of our young homeless people. Giving them respect, hope, skills, job security, and a future. Through his charity Beyond Food, he works with the most vulnerable of individuals many with challenges way beyond being homeless.

The team was joined by Leon Seraphin, Chef Trainer from Beyond Food.  He said of the event “Amazing team work everybody looked out for each other and supported each other.”

Alison Makosz, Group Head of Partner Relationships at Silverdoor also competed in the 2016 race and says “The course had changed this year which made it all the more exciting. The slide was a great opportunity to get clean for all of 30 seconds. It wasn't tough - it is there for pure fun!   The most challenging part is the open lake swim. Fatigue has started to set in and you are tired, cold and hungry. The weight of your clothes and shoes make you wonder if you can make it across. But the sense of achievement for me when I did it just amazing.”

Makosz concludes “The highlight - we started as a team and we finished as a team. Everyone helped everyone. Teamwork at it's best and it was all for a truly worthy cause that we all felt passionate about.  A great achievement all round.”

HBAA would like to thank all those that donated and supported this year’s Wolf Run event; your generosity will make a big difference to the lives of our most vulnerable.

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