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HBAA statement following PM's announcement on 22 Sept

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Lex Butler, Chair of HBAA commented

“Following the Prime Minister’s announcement earlier, the business events sector which underpins economic growth for all industries, has today been further decimated.

Many of our agency and venue members have gone beyond or are at tipping point; they have had to make redundancies, they are unsure if their businesses can survive, many haven’t had any income for over six months. Financial reserves and overdrafts are exhausted, and this news will regrettably accelerate the inevitable.

Whilst HBAA fully appreciates and supports the need for these tighter measures in the interests of the country’s fight back against the spread of Covid 19,  we must  receive substantial financial support without delay. We continue to campaign and lobby for additional financial support specifically for our sector,  and we have to see action now if our businesses, and the industry, are to survive.”


Read the full statement by the Prime Minister here