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Juliet Price, Consultant Executive Director of HBAA, commenting on Thursday's debate in the House of Commons said:

You are: home > juliet price, consultant executive director of hbaa, commenting on thursday's debate in the house of commons said:

“While we’re very pleased that the hard work and support for the petition created this opportunity, we’re disappointed that there was so little recognition of the issues that the £31.2 billion business events, accommodation and meetings sector and its supplier companies are facing.

“Apart from MPs Stephen Hammond and Taiwo Owatemi who both highlighted the plight of event industry companies in their constituencies, the only concrete information given was when extracts from the latest HBAA news release were quoted on the screen early in the debate.

“The events industry to these MPs means festivals, concerts and county shows, not corporate events, conferences, and exhibitions. It clearly shows the need for a greater concerted effort throughout the industry to inform and educate everyone in government, from MPs to ministers and civil servants what a massive, crucial contribution the business events sector makes to the economy.”


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