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Less emails, more meetings

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Taken from the July issue of Hospitality & Events North magazine, Juliet Price, Consultant Executive Director of the HBAA talks about the need for a return to face-to-face meetings

Being able to work quickly and easily while on the move has become a vital component in our daily lives and more prevalent in the hospitality sector. Our constant need for instant access, through emails and remote working, has meant we are an industry attached to our smart phones. 

However, earlier this year (19 May) Bill McDermot, CEO of SAP, addressed an audience at IMEX Frankfurt and spoke about the importance of the Meetings & Events industry, in particular highlighting the significance of face-to-face events and the motivation they provide staff. 

The biggest and most important meetings are always discussed in person. A private environment allows delegates to get straight to the point, to get our message across quicker and deliver it in the way it was intended. Meeting face-to-face, attendees often become encouraged by the outcomes discussed, which in turn helps staff perform better. This just isn’t achieved through group email conversations – in fact it can be misleading and cause tension.   

The reality too is that millennial’s are attracted to shorter, bite sized bursts of information. We read more this way; that’s why Skype calls and dial-in conference meetings are now commonplace and filling the traditional face-to-face void.

However, as with everything, there must be a compromise. Companies are transforming the way they host meetings to appeal to those put out by the thought of endless board room conferences. Meeting concepts now incorporate everything from shorter, condensed sessions; stand up meetings; meetings in inspiring locations; outside events and interactive sessions. 

While the industry took a beating during the recession years, social meetings took over the landscape. It is important to remember though the need for personal, face-to-face interaction. Let’s hope that as budgets continue to grow, so will the number of get-together business meetings. 

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