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Lime Venue Portfolio Celebrated 10th Anniversary With ‘Beyond’ Conference

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On Friday 19th October, Lime Venue Portfolio (LVP) celebrated an entire decade of success by hosting ‘Beyond’, a celebratory conference that looked at the future of the events industry and the world of business.


22 October 2018: We said ‘cheers to 10 years’ with Lime Venue Portfolio’s (LVP) celebratory conference at Edgbaston Stadium, Birmingham. The Beyond conference focused on the future of the events industry.  Over the past decade LVP has made a significant contribution to the establishment of the unique and unusual venue market, and has established itself as a firm fixture in the UK events industry. Boasting a diverse portfolio of over 90 unique venues across the UK, LVP has built a legacy that continues to capitalise on industry trends, and to mark this momentous milestone, LVP wanted to share their achievements with the wider events industry.


Central to LVP’s ambition to retain their place as a key player within the events sector, the Beyond conference brought together both industry and non-industry leaders to discuss future trends and what “beyond” means to them. Featuring a host of thought provoking discussion panels, including ‘the millennial perspective on the future of conferences’, the day saw like-minded attendees come together to hear valuable insights from leading commentators; Holly Tucker - Notonthehighstreet and Holly & Co., Jason Allan Scott - serial entrepreneur and creator of The Guestlist Podcast, Rue Barksfield - Big Bear X, Caleb Parker - Bold and the Future in 15, and Eleanor Clowes - Unicorn Events.


Keynote speaker Holly Tucker MBE, Co-founder of Notonthehighstreet and Holly & Co shared her thoughts on looking ‘Beyond’. She said: “It's important that brands try to create an emotional connection with their audiences and truly listen to what it is they want. Whether that’s being mindful of the issues your audiences care about (sustainability) or engaging and communicating through social media. The future will inevitably be brands connecting on an emotional level, and those that don’t embrace this, will ultimately collapse.” When asked what she thought were the top three things a brand needs in order to ‘be successful’, Holly answered: “Create a personal connection, have a clear purpose with clear brand goals and stand out, be colourful!” 


The conversations throughout the day addressed the relevance for businesses and events alike to be looking beyond. Beyond being ‘beige’, beyond the hard sell and beyond traditional marketing, looking for ways to truly cater to the trends and needs of today’s changing audience. This theme resonated across all our delegates and discussions despite age, experience or industry background.


Jo Austin Director of Sales for Lime Venue Portfolio said: “The feedback we have received from the day has been absolutely fantastic. There was some really great information shared from all of our panellists, and I think the clear take away from it, is that looking beyond is about being different. We are really proud of everything we have achieved so far, not just as a brand but as an advocate for the venues market as a whole. The Beyond conference really cemented this for us and being able to share our legacy with so many amazing people was the icing on our birthday cake! Here’s to another 10 years.”


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