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Message on Behalf of TIER: Coronavirus Situation Update

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Please find the latest situation update correct as at 15.00 11 February 2020.  

  • As of 11 February, a total of 1,358 UK tests have been concluded, of which 1,350 were confirmed negative and 8 positive.
  • Globally as of 11 February there are 43,102 cases of which 42,638 are in China.
  • The fatalities to date are 1,018 (1,016 of these are within China, 1 in the Philippines and 1 in Hong Kong).
  • Enhanced monitoring will be extended at Gatwick airport to cover all inbound flights from the extended list of countries under the Department for Health and Social Care advice that was updated on 6 February.
  • Following the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s continued advice against all but essential travel to mainland China, British Airways have cancelled all flights to Beijing and Shanghai until 31 March 2020 and all flights travelling from Beijing and Shanghai until 1 April 2020. Flights to and from Hong Kong remain unaffected.
  • During February there were 335 flights due to arrive direct from China, this has been reduced to 224 as a result of flights being suspended. The February flights currently suspended are as follows:
    • 58 British Airways flights: 13,476 seats.
    • 29 Virgin Atlantic flights: 7,482 seats.
    • 11 China Southern Airline flights from Wuhan: 2,915 seats.
    • 13 Hainan Airlines flights to Manchester: 3,750 seats