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Message on behalf of TIER: UK terrorism threat level raised to severe

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Please see the situation update following the incident in Liverpool on 14 November....

Situation update – current as at 4pm 15 November 2021:

On Monday 15 November 2021 the UK’s Independent Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre changed the UK’s national terrorism threat level from ‘SUBSTANTIA’L to ‘SEVERE’ - meaning an attack is highly likely.

The raising of the threat level follows the incident in Liverpool, England, on Sunday 14 November which involved a car explosion outside Liverpool Women's Hospital. One man was killed and a taxi was destroyed in the blast - with the driver needing hospital treatment. Four men have been arrested under the Terrorism Act.

You can read the full UK Government announcement here:

The public has been reminded to remain alert to the threat from terrorism but not alarmed and to report any concerns to the police.