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New Travel Technology Drives Duty of Care and Cost Savings For Business Travellers

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Travellers are benefitting from easy bookings, enhanced wellbeing and significant cost savings as a result of 93 pieces of new travel technology released in 2019 by Capita Travel and Events.

The new technology, developed by Capita Travel and Events’ in-house technology team, comprising 251 new product features and five new products has made customers’ booking and travel experience simpler, safer and smarter.

One of the most significant pieces of technology is the iris suite, featuring:

·         Smart communications to influence better booking behaviours with timely push notifications and targeted emails

·         The mobile app ‘iris: go’ providing travellers access to their accommodation, air and rail booking information in one place

·         iris:smart itinerary consolidating travellers’ bookings with calendar invites

·         iris:intelligent tracking providing customers with 24/7 access to their traveller locations during their business trip with real-time communication to enhance duty of care and prepare for potential disruption.

·         New online MI enables 24/7 access multiple booking type reports, which can be easily filtered by cost centre or dates

In the rail sector, Capita Travel and Events’ move to e-ticketing is delivering a more environmentally friendly and convenient alternative solution to printed tickets. This, combined with our ‘rail fare checker’ proposition (which maximises split ticketing opportunities on key routes) and our delay-repay technology provided by our technology partner Railguard (which checks compensation for delayed trains), is helping customers make significant cost savings.

“The rail industry is moving away from paperless tickets and our customers are increasingly environmentally conscious. Therefore, this year we have invested significantly in our digital ticketing solution. Currently, 11% of our customers are opting for e-tickets and we expect further demand for them in 2020,” explained Josh Collier, Head of Proposition Rail & Ground Transport.

“Equally, our rail fare checker and delay-repay technology has realised the value of Smarter working, with cost reduction, increased wellbeing and enhanced productivity – with the latter saving customers collectively over £20,000 alone.”

We also launched the innovative Air Fare Checker, a solution which tracks the flight price fluctuations so customers can take advantage of any drops in airfares and can rebook if a lower fare is available after booking. Similarly, where any bookings exceed over £1,000 or with do so with multiple stops, the technology will trigger an audit by specialist air fare experts to assess whether it complies with the customer’s business policy expectations.

“Over the last year, the results have been fantastic; we have saved our customers over £60,000 on like-for-like flights in over 130 bookings with the Air Fare Checker,” says Jessica Gallimore, Head of Proposition Air and Ancillaries.

The automated air delay and repay technology identifies possible compensation opportunities for qualifying journeys that suffered a delay or cancellation.

“Equally, the Air Delay and Repay technology has also identified £145,000 worth of compensation opportunities, and that is only with our first two customers, so we expect these savings to increase as more customers get on board. As we estimate only 10% of business travellers claim for compensation on delayed flights, there is a significant opportunity for these smart solutions to provide further savings for customers,” Jess continues.

As we move into 2020, the iris: go app will be adapted to include traveller wellbeing and risk management information, all customers will be auto-enrolled onto our rail and air delay-repay checker proposition as well as the respective fare checkers. Enhancing the end-to-end travel experience with increased ancillary options, such as bookable taxis and lounges, will be another focus.