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HBAA are delighted to be working with two great charities for 2021. Buses4Homeless, which makes use of converted, old and decommissioned buses to help homeless people, is still very much on our agenda and 2021 will see the HBAA offering support to this notable charity once again.  Eventwell, who are dedicated to cultivating better mental health and wellbeing, supporting and serving professional and business members within the events industry, will also be supported by the HBAA fundraising efforts.

HBAA is known for its fundraising and its generous donations from members, associates, suppliers and partners.  Both charities rely on such funding to exist and 2020 was a particularly hard year for all.

HBAA members have not only raised thousands of pounds for Buses4Homeless in 2019 and 2020 but given their time to help refit buses and to source valuable equipment for the buses. Dan Atkins and his team at buses for homeless, have had some awesome results in 2020 but Covid has hit them, both financially and also in terms of the support they have been able to offer.

Here is some of the great stuff they have been able to do in 2021!


Although the HBAA have always been big advocates of Mental Health Awareness and it has been part of the conversation and agenda for the last 2 years, we are now delighted to offer fundraising support to further the cause and to assist where help is needed most.  Eventwell offer different types of support with their Pledge Fund at the point of need and Bursary Fund for those that find themselves out of work and struggling.

Eventwell have three core values: empathy, culture and selfcare. Their mission is to work collectively with the industry to encourage better understanding and empathy; to work with our business members and friends to inspire positive leadership; and to work with professional members and friends to change attitudes to selfcare.

Helen Moon CEO at Eventwell said, “The team at EventWell is delighted to be working in partnership with such a recognised and respected association and its members for the greater good of the industry as a whole and for individual support provided by the industry’s only social enterprise, specialising in mental health.”

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Donate to Buses4Homeless