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Serviced Apartments Alleviate Traveller Safety Concerns Through Strict Duty of Care Obligations

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Traveller safety was one of the key topics touched on in July’s HBAA Forum 2016. As it stands, business travellers face a range of safety related issues including lost/delayed baggage, poor accommodation security, the looming threat of international terrorism and the risks attached to sharing economy services.

On-going discussions around women in business travel suggest female travellers are more vulnerable than their male counterparts, due to the gender issues inherent in sexual assault, theft and kidnap.

According to The Women in Business Travel Report 2016 – a survey of more than 200 women across the world, in a range of sectors – 77% of female business travellers feel their company’s travel programmes should take better notice of their gender needs. A further 64% say destinations like the Middle East and South America are almost no-go zones for women.  

A report on ‘stress triggers for business travellers’ reveals women are more  likely to worry about lost baggage, poor internet connections and not being able to eat healthily. As Professor Judi Brownell argues in her study of 13,000 women from Fortune 1,000 companies, female business travellers place increased importance in “covered parking, deadbolts on doors, thoughtful room location, and well-lit hallways”.  But such hang- ups aren’t purely confined to women; men are just as much at risk from poor travel programmes. 

Serviced apartments have a duty of care to ensure accommodation is safe, secure and free from fraudulent activity.  As a serviced apartment agent, SilverDoor visits and inspects property providers on a regular basis to ensure descriptions given to us are legitimate. We also carry out follow up checks on things like local neighbourhoods, apartment accessibility, and even street lighting. Round the clock surveillance, safety deposit boxes and on-site parking provide robust security, and a once weekly maid service means guests can retain privacy minus the constant interruptions.  

Need to notify a loved one of your safe arrival? Free Wi-Fi is available in practically all our serviced apartments, so sending an email or ‘checking in’ on Facebook shouldn’t prove a problem. Guests can also relax in the spa facilities, rooftop pools and breath-taking views available at some of the more luxurious properties.

While there’s still lots to be done to battle the issue of safety and security in business travel, serviced apartments go a long way to allaying travellers’ fears. 

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