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Third etc.venues biannual survey provides interesting insights into latest industry thinking and transatlantic differences

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  • 72 per cent of event planners will hold their next face-to face event this year
  • 82 per cent value face-to-face meetings more than before the pandemic


Event planners are keen to return to live events with 72 per cent planning to hold their next-face-to face event this year. 39 per cent are planning to organise one to take place in Q3 and 33 per cent in Q4, according to a recent survey of event planners conducted by etc.venues, a leading provider of urban non-residential event venues.

The research, carried out every 6 months, is now on its third edition and highlights significant trends. One key trend revealed that planners have not wavered from valuing the irreplicable quality of face-to-face meetings.  82 per cent say they value them more than before the pandemic.

68 per cent now think hybrid events will continue to be more common than before the pandemic, down from 73 per cent when asked in December and similar to 67 per cent when surveyed 12 months ago.

While the frequency of virtual events may decline, the virtual element is likely to have a long term role alongside live events in the plans of many event organisers. 20 per cent will return to live only events in 2021 and a further 23 per cent will go back to live only events in 2022, but 57 per cent expect to run a mix of virtual and hybrid events as well as live events in future.

Adam Simpson, Director of Marketing for etc.venues says: “The innate belief in live events among event planners is rising to the surface and the necessity of virtual events is beginning to fade now that restrictions are being lifted. After benefiting from virtual and hybrid events out of necessity during lockdown, there is a clear recognition that whilst virtual was good, it is not nearly good enough and the limitations are clear, hence many planners are clearly keen to return to live events very soon.

“In our experience, while many organisers are ready to run live events, the key issue that is causing concern to them is the difficulty in estimating how many delegates will attend in person. Although rooms are being booked and options reducing quickly, venues like ours are happy to discuss this and share our experience with other events to guide and support them.”