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Who's who: Board of Directors

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The HBAA is governed by a Board of Directors who are all unpaid volunteers.



    Operations Director

    Des McLaughlin, Managing Director, meet events


    • Code of Practice
    • Code of Ethics
    • Oversee Governance


    Partnership Director

    Leigh Cowlishaw,  Managing Partner, Black Box Partnerships, Winning Edges


    • Sponsorship Strategy
    • Preferred Partner Strategy
    • Supplier Membership Strategy
    • Hosting Liaison

    Content Strategy Director

    Lex Butler, Operations Director, Wolf & White


    • Meeting and Event Strategy
    • Meeting and Event Content
    • Meeting and Event Calendar


    Marketing & Communications Director

    Andrew Deakin, Director, Conference Care


    • Marketing Strategy
    • PR Strategy
    • Social Media strategy



    Angie Mason, Chairman, Absolute Corporate Events


    • Budget Forecasting
    • Budget Reconciliation
    • Monthly Accounts
    • Overall P&L
    • Resource Allocation