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Worldwide Access to Serviced Apartments Launched on NYS System

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NYS Corporate are the first TMC to integrate The Apartment Network into their service offering, providing an extensive inventory of alternative accommodation options for business travellers.        

Wednesday 7th June 2017

Today, NYS Corporate announced the integration of The Apartment Network into their service offering.  Following the enhancement, NYS clients will have access to an inventory of close to 100,000 serviced apartments across 20 countries.  This will provide business travellers with an extensive range of spacious, well-appointed apartments to select from, in addition to the hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses already available on the NYS system.

“We regularly analyse market trends and consider ways to enhance the service we provide to our clients.  Having observed the growing popularity of serviced apartments, we engaged with The Apartment Network to expand our content further, offering business travellers more choice and an alternative to Airbnb for those corporates not allowing the use of these. There will always be a place for hotels, but when it comes to longer or more regular travel, serviced apartments can offer a more comfortable and economical solution, which we feel will add value to our clients.”

Leanne Fowler, Sales and Marketing Director, NYS Corporate

NYS Corporate have been providing varied content for several years now, with their booking system already including inventories from some of the UK’s top serviced apartment providers.  Having seen the advantages apartments offer to business travellers and the substantial cost-savings available to clients, NYS took this initiative one step further and became the first TMC to partner with The Apartment Network.  

Serviced apartments are, on average, three times the size of a hotel room, and provide space to work and relax.  In addition to offering great value for longer stays, they are associated with higher productivity and lower subsistence costs.  Research from Savills and ASAP predicts that the serviced apartment sector is set to expand faster than any other segment of the UK hospitality market over the next two years.  ASAP forecast a growth in supply of 8.4% per annum by the end of 2017 (based on known planning consents), outpacing the 6% anticipated for budget hotels and 2.6% average across all hotel types.  NYS Corporate’s most recent enhancement puts them ahead of the curve, ensuring that their clients can take full advantage of this growing trend.


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