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Day 1

Thursday 11 July - Full Forum programme

Arrivals & Registration - Park Suite Entrance

Arrival Coffee - Park Suite Foyer      

10:30 Forum Opening – Park Suite

Angie Mason, HBAA Chair,

Rachael Naylor, HBAA Venue Chair

Alexis Moreau HBAA Tech & Innovation Chair

Hear from our esteemed association leaders on the status of the HBAA strategy year to date and what is due to happen in the second half of the year. Including an update on our exciting new membership platform, HBAA Hub.

10:45 Facilitator opening - Calum Di Lieto, Editor, C&IT               

An overview of the days ahead and personal insights from a personal, insider perspective on  

  • NextGen 
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing 


Ice Breaker - Martin Stephens, Offlimits

Get to know your new neighbours in a fun and engaging activity!                 


‘NextGen’s Future Focus’    

Facilitator: Calum Di Lieto, Editor C&IT

NextGen Board Panel:

Olivia Woolley, National Account Manager, Hotel & Travel Solutions

Ryan Doyle, Sales Manager, Park Regis Birmingham

Anthony Kwokori, Business Events Account Executive, The Barbican

NextGen Guests:

Max Simpkins, MICE Sales Manager, Shangri-La London & SITE Young Leader

Becky Pickstock, Hoteldesk

HBAA’s first ever NextGen Board present their strategy for the HBAA.
They will then invite two NextGen guests to discuss the future of the Industry in their eyes.


'Princes Trust' - Ms Leadh Woolley, Outreach Executive, Prince’s Trust

The Prince’s Trust runs impactful & vital programmes for our NextGen we will hear an overview and key insights into what the Prince’s Trust  Programmes & courses do & the experienced outcomes.

12:10 Coffee Break - Park Suite Foyer       

Breaking Brexit 

Keynote Speaker - Steve Richards

Our Keynote Speaker brings us a much-needed perspective on the results or coming results of the Brexit deal and how that impacts our industry and our businesses
Steve Richards is a British TV presenter and political columnist, who has written columns for the Guardian, Independent, New Statesman and Spectator. He regularly presents Radio 4's Week in Westminster and hosts a oneman show, Rock N Roll Politics


Stronger Together 

Facilitator: Raj Sachdave Black Box Partnership


Adam Morris, Senior Commercial Director – Industry Relationships EMEA, BCD M&E 
Rhian Jolley, Project Director, Wolf & White 
Lisa Lernoux-Dock, Sales Director MICE, Iconic Hotels

Wayne Redman, Managing Director,  Mundus Representation 

Our experienced panel from the multi-spectrums of our industry discuss what the ‘Relationship Landscape’ between Buyer / Supplier looks like. How to make stronger and more valuable relationships.


Mentally Fit 

Keynote Speaker -  Manwell Benages           

We invite inspirational ‘Instagram Mental Health Influencers’ The @Manwell team to tell us why it is important to keep mentally fit.

13:45 Lunch      

Breathing Through It 


Leigh Cowlishaw, Past Chair HBAA

Ritchie Bostock, The Breath Guy

This session focuses on a major aspect of the 2019 HBAA strategy - Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Hear from Leigh on the success of our MH charity event in May and the our MHFA training courses.

We then have the pleasure of Ritchie ‘The Breath Guy’, a coach, author, speaker and Breathwork evangelist. It is his mission to spread the life changing possibilities of Breathwork to the world and the HBAA. Breathing is the only system in the body that is both automatic and also under our control. 


Customer Centricity

Keynote Speaker - Louise Fowler               

Revolutionizing business travel, Louise introduced the British Airways Executive Club and the first beds on a plane. Since then, Louise has consulted for M&S, Allianz, O2 and recently concluded a 20-month assignment as Chief Marketing and Digital Officer at the Post Office leading a major marketing integration program to improve the customer journey.  Louise will tell us how to define and deliver breakthrough customer strategies by stressing the centricity of customers and how to connect with them in the digital age.


On the Road to Success  

Speaker: Dan Atkins, Founder, Buses4Homeless                      

We welcome back Dan Atkins to give us a truly exciting update on the HBAA’s charity of choice for 2019 – Buses4Homeless!

15:45 Coffee Break - Park Suite Foyer       

Sponsor Session: Voco Hotels

Julie Cheesman, voco™ Brand Operations Director EMEAA

A brief introduction to the brand and will use the time to highlight voco’s sustainability element


Not For Sale: Human Rights     

Facilitator: Calum Di Lieto, Editor C&IT


Tim Molden, Director of Security, Savoy London

Alessandra Alonso Founder, Women in Travel 
Sian Lea, Managing Director, The Shiva Foundation

The rise in human trafficking and modern slavery is impacting the hospitality industry. Some corporations are taking steps above and beyond introducing policies to deal with these threats; our guest speakers today give their perspective of what to look out for, what actions are being taken, and how this affects our businesses.


Mystery Speaker - Shed Simove 

Guest Speaker to close the day …  Shed Simove is a performer, author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker on creativity and innovation. Harnessing a constant stream of ideas from his astonishingly active mind, Shed has learned to transform his unconventional concepts into lucrative new business ventures which form the basis of his completely unique stand-up routines and inspirational speeches


Close Day 1  

Facilitator: Calum Di Lieto, Editor C&IT


voco Negroni Cocktail - voco team

After conference cocktail served from the Voco stand in the foyer for all delegates.


Function Bar Open

All Guests

Cash Bar open   


Buses for Homeless Show & Tell 

Dan Atkins & Team

Please come and see Dan for a drink and a show round of one of his amazing buses.


voco Drinks Reception - Restaurant Gardens          

Join us and voco St John’s for drinks & canapes in the garden.


Forum Dinner in Park Suite - Rock & Roll Game Show & Rockeoke!


Sond Division

Enjoy a little friendly competition among peers with Song Division’s Rock & Roll Game Show, a fun and interactive activity that puts your musical skills and rock knowledge to the test as teams vie for Rock Star Glory, prizes & coveted bragging rights, with the World-Class Song Division MC + Band running the show! 

Ever fancied yourself a Rockeoke, superstar? Singing your heart out with a live 5-piece band? Then tonight is your night to shine!

22:00 Band 
Midnight End of Day 1 programme








































































































































Day 2

Friday 12 July

Full Forum programme includes streamed workshops.

NextGen prgramme includes opening business session followed by campfires



Arrivals & Registration - Park Suite Entrance          


Arrival Coffee - Park Suite Foyer   


NexGen Business Session – Creating a Personal Brand’ - Brueton Suite  

Facilitator: Calum Di Lieto, Editor C&IT


Lee Price, Executive Coach, Polygon Consulting
Max Fellows, Founder, Elevate

Welcoming our NexGen attendees to the HBAA Forum, we kick off with a warm welcome from out NextGen Board, who will introduce the HBAA and the focus on NextGen, including the Members mingle and NextGen events. They will introduce the YM platform. 
They will then invite to stage Fay Sharp / Lee Price to enlighten us on how to create your own personal brand and what that means.
We close the opening session hearing from founders and advocates of our industries best mentorship programmes for our NexGen.


AGENTS Workshop 1.1 - Strengthen Your Business - Malvern Suite    


Raj Sachdave, Managing Partner, Black Box Partnership
Julie Shorrock, Managing Director, Hotel & Travel Solution

This workshop will focus on how to broach a ‘Fee Based Model’ with your clients, with ever-decreasing commission models. How to keep clients and remain profitable.
We also look at securing your business earlier and protecting your income with client contracting.

VENUES Workshop 2.1 - How to Win Agency Business - Brueton Suite 


Alison Makosz, Head of Sales London, Conference Care 

Danny Yates, Key Account Director, GLH Hotels

This workshop will look at what agencies look for when choosing a venue, a proposal and a bid from venue sales teams. 
Alison & Danny have both worked in agencies and hotels, both having ‘changed sides’ recently. Hear their inside knowledge on what works for agencies, what they look for and the pitfalls to avoid. 

AGENTS / VENUES Workshop 3.1 - Mental Health - Banbury Suite

Presenters: Manwell Team           

This workshop focuses on two key things;

  • How to look after yourself
  • How to look after others around you

1 in 4 people suffer from mental health issues, that means in this workshop alone, we have those who need support, understanding and the right tools to use.  The Manwell team explore the issues & the tools.

10:00 NextGen Move to Campfire 1

Campfire 1 - Social Media: Blurred Lines

Presenter : Calum Di Lieto

Social media is a double-edged sword for employers. On one hand it serves as a free promotional tool for the company that allows you to share work-related photos and positive news on your personal social media channels. On the other hand, it has introduced the need to regulate these communications to avoid potential pitfalls in business representation. With tech-savvy Millennials & Generation Z in the workforce, the lines between “personal” and “professional” have become increasingly blurred online. We discuss how to keep clear lines. 


AGENTS Workshop 1.2 - Blue Ocean - How to find clear waters for your business - Malvern Suite    

Presenter: Douglas O’Neill, CEO, Inntel

This workshop will have you hear an interview of Douglas O’Neill, CEO of Inntel who has gone strength to strength by broadening his agencies service offering and dipping his toes into new ventures.

This workshop explores how thinking outside the box can help agencies survive the storms and constant changes in the hospitality landscape.

VENUES Workshop 2.2 - Growing Your Rates - Brueton Suite 

Presenter: Rosemary Bannister - Managing Director, HT Training & Coach

This workshop focuses on how to grow your rates and secure solidarity when working with agency partners to maintain strong rates, winning more profitable business together.Covering added value, offering unique propositions and maintaining rate integrity.

Rosemary's background as a Sales & Marketing professional in the hospitality industry gives her a unique insight.  She is an Accredited Insights Discovery® practitioner and enjoys working with experienced sales teams to improve the understanding of themselves and others and what they can bring to their sales approach. 

AGENTS / VENUES Workshop 3.2 - Mental Health - Banbury Suite

Presenters: Manwell Team     

This workshop focuses on two key things;

  • How to look after yourself
  • How to look after others around you

1 in 4 people suffer from mental health issues, that means in this workshop alone, we have those who need support, understanding and the right tools to use.  The Manwell team explore the issues & the tools.

10:30 NextGen move to Campfire 2      

Campfire 2 - Managing Up

Presenter : Lee Price, Executive Coach, Polygon Consulting 

The best career move you can make this year is to learn how to manage up. In short, managing up is making your manager shine and getting what you need from them to build and control your own career. When done respectfully, managing up helps you build a relationship with someone in your company and ensures that you get what you need out of your job while you're there. We discuss how to manage up effectively and how you think this would work for you.

11:00 Workshop Coffee Break - Workshop attendees - Park Suite Foyer   

NexGen Coffee Break

Served n the room


AGENTS Workshop 1.3 - Exit Strategy - Malvern Suite

Speakers(s) TBA       

  • Succession Planning
  • Developing your NexGen

VENUES Workshop 2.3 Channel Management - Brueton Suite


Rachael Naylor, Sales Director, Crowne Plaza Stratford Upon Avon
Max Simpkins, MICE Sales Manager, ShangriLa Hotel London

This workshop will review Channel Management for M&E for venues.

  • What channels are out there?
  • How do different venues, teams manage these channels?
  • What are the most valuable channels and what is best practice?
  • How to manage all the opportunities effectively!

AGENTS/VENUES - Workshop 3.3 Mental Health - The Manwell Team - Banbury Suite

This workshop focuses on two key things;

  • How to look after yourself
  • How to look after others around you

1 in 4 people suffer from mental health issues, that means in this workshop alone, we have those who need support, understanding and the right tools to use.  The Manwell team explore the issues & the tools.

11:20 NextGen Move to Campfire 

Campfire 3 -

Presenter : Maxwell Fellows, Client Services Director, MCI Experience

Over 75% of our industry community said that they felt they didn’t have the necessary training to conduct their role.  80% said they weren’t entirely confident about the role they were currently doing or that they had the skills to do it. Lead by Max of Elevate Evolve, this campfire will discuss where to go in the industry to get knowledge, mentorship and the confidence to own your role and progress.

11:50 NextGen attendees & Workshop attendees move to Plenary              

 ‘Go Big or Go Home’
Song Division


Closing Words 

Angie Mason, HBAA Chair 

Rachael Naylor, Venue Chair


Grab & Go Lunch/Networking - Restaurant

We offer use of the restaurant & garden for eating lunch & networking .




Please note this agenda may be subject to change and we recommend you revisit the website for the latest updates in the run up to the event .