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NextGen Campfires

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Our NextGen Campfire Sessions involve a small group of people in a circle, listening to insights, debating, conversing and learning from each other. They will begin with a leader (or multiple leaders) presenting an idea to a group. The focus then shifts from the leader to the group to discussthe topic. Campfires provide a relaxed, open forum for debate and learning.


During registration, NextGen attendees can choose three 20-minute campfires from the seven available. Onsite, attendees will receive their rotation schedule.

Campfire Topics


1. Social Media – Blurred Lines Led by Calum Di Leito,C&IT

Social media is a double-edged sword for employers. On one hand it serves as a free promotional tool for the company that allows you to share work-related photos and positive news on your personal social media channels. On the other hand, it has introduced the need to regulate these communications to avoid potential pitfalls in business representation. With tech-savvy Millennials & Generation Z in the workforce, the lines between “personal” and “professional” have become increasingly blurred online. We discuss how to keep clear lines.


2. Managing Up – Career Building Blocks Led by Lee Price, Polygon Consulting

The best career move you can make this year is to learn how to manage up. In short, managing up is making your manager shine and getting what you need from them to build and control your own career. When done respectfully, managing up helps you build a relationship with someone in your company and ensures that you get what you need out of your job while you're there. We discuss how to manage up effectively and how you think this would work for you.


3. Knowledge Pathways to Success and for Growth Led by Maxwell Fellows, Elevate

Over 75% of our industry community said that they felt they didn’t have the necessary training to conduct their role.  80% said they weren’t entirely confident about the role they were currently doing or that they had the skills to do it. Lead by Max of Elevate Evolve, this campfire will discuss where to go in the industry to get knowledge, mentorship and the confidence to own your role and progress.