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"Meet Safe: Meet Smart"

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HBAA has relaunched "Meet Safe: Meet Smart"

Read the press release here

The objective of the campaign is to provide confidence to corporate customers that live meetings can take place in permitted venues in England, safe and smart:


·Meet Safe = hold a meeting within a permitted venue that has Covid-19 procedures in place and follows government guidelines.

·Meet Smart = hold a meeting, as outlined within the “Meet Safe” criteria, which provides flexible Terms and Conditions, including those relating to cancellation policies.


What are the benefits to the client of holding face to face meetings?

  • Unity across teams
  • Productivity
  • Smarter business is done face to face
  • Meetings underpin economic growth
  • Meeting provide some normality for employees
  • Meetings encourage creativity
  • Meetings aid the Mental Health of employees


How can you get involved?


If your venue meets the criteria as defined above for Meet Safe: Meet Smart, then download the logo, add it your collateral, websites and booking platforms,  and let everyone know on social media, using #MSMS


That’s it!  By displaying the logo, you are responsible for ensuring your venue meets the criteria as shown in the ‘definition’ above.


Be aware of the campaign and promote it to your clients, along with the benefits of holding live meetings.

Many thanks in advance for taking part and helping us to kickstart our industry, safe and smart.