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HBAA Buddy Scheme

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The buddy scheme is coordinated by the HBAA Membership committee, which is made up of venue and agent members who volunteer their time to support members and HBAA.

All new members are assigned a buddy, who will guide them through their first year of membership, ensuring they understand how to make the most out of the opportunities available, increasing brand exposure through marketing and networking options.

We have found this to be a mutually beneficial arrangement, providing industry focused peer support, as well as a friendly face at your first event! 

If you would like to know more about the membership committee, or would like to volunteer to be a buddy, please contact 

Comments from new members:


"What a great organisation keeping a Membership Committee to help new members! I am already happy that we have been accepted and I have great feelings about this membership."

Nicole Szucs, Sales and Marketing Manager, CEME Conference Centre